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S.W.E.E.T. stands for Sustainable Wawarsing-Ellenville Economy Taskforce.

S.W.E.E.T. is a forum and catalyst for creating a proactive nucleus of concerned citizens of the Town of Wawarsing / Village of Ellenville area who want to see a vibrant, creative, Local-First "living economy" developed and maintained from within the community itself, through local production, ownership, and financing, as much as possible.

By "Thinking Local First," fulfilling local needs and growing local businesses, we can build and sustain a more self-sufficient community with a more self-reliant economy, one that is better able to withstand shocks to the larger economy, provide more stable job opportunities, and allow for greater local control of our own economic destiny.

To that end, this forum will provide ideas and examples of how such efforts have fared elsewhere, in communities like ours, and will allow for feedback and discussion so that we can take advantage of the wealth of talent and experience from within our own citizenry.

There is no agenda here except to strengthen our own community by making our local economy more strong, diverse, and flexible, and to find more solutions from within our own local and regional area than to expect or depend on help and salvation from afar...

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Think Local First!

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